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​MAŁGORZATA MARMUROWICZ – an enterprising mum of Franio and little Zu, vegetarian, journalist, graphic designer, enthusiast of modern design, fascinated by children – their inventiveness and inexhaustible energy. She will spend her last money for children books. She has more than one hundred of them at home.She has developed a particular liking for contemporary Polish design, which she took up as the subject of her diploma in desktop publishing (infographie) at Institut Diderot in Brussels. Co-founder and editor in chief of PSTRYK MYK - quarterly for Polish kids living in Belgium.

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KIWI was founded in 2013. Agnieszka Gajewska, Justyna Kuklo and Małgorzata Marmurowicz created an art collective out of shared passion for modern art and design. Nowadays KIWI is run by Justyna and Małgorzata.

Agnieszka, the author of the popular logo, left Belgium. The three girls’ last common project was the book for migrant children „My city is different”.

​​​JUSTYNA KUKLO – born in the East of Poland where she learnt the traditional craft of weaving. She was then seduced by the sea and moved to Gdańsk to discover painting, colours and fine arts. Having become a painter, an illustrator and a teacher, she travelled further to the centre of Europe. She settled down in Brussels and is now whiling away her time on Belgian lace.

She graduated from the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts (The Faculty of Painting and Artistic Education), as well as Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles (the Faculty of Textile Arts).She works as a painter and an organiser of cultural activities. Co-founder and illustrator of PSTRYK MYK - quarterly for Polish kids living in Belgium.

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