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KIWI is a new and dynamic initiative run by two girls educated in arts, sharing their passion for modern art and design, a passion they would love to impart on others.

KIWI plans to unveil the magical world of colours to children and help them unleash their creativity. We also want to encourage adults inside the door of contemporary art galleries.

KIWI is happy to collaborate with educational and cultural institutions.


As early as September we will start a new series of workshops for kids.

This time we will present to you a fantastic technique of linocut, which is a relief printing technique in printmaking. Linocut is similar to woodcut but instead of cutting in wood, we cut in a sheet of linoleum.  The image is transferred onto linoleum and cut with various types of special knifes, V-shaped chisel or gouge. During our meetings kids will get to know this printing method, they will prepare a project and many colourful prints.


Workshops will be held once per month in

Brussels Art Factory

82, Rue Coenraet

1060 Saint-Gilles


24.09.2016, at 2 pm

22.10.2016, at 2 pm

26.11.2016, at 2 pm

10.12.2016, at 2 pm

28.01.2017, at 2 pm


Price: 125 EUR

Number of places: 16 kids

Age: 8+ (we work with chisels and knifes)

Info and sign up:

First come, first served.


We can cancel the workshop if there is insufficient number of kids enrolled.

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